50 things that bring me joy

  1. the peacefulness of flying
  2. capturing a scene with a photograph
  3. observing birds in nature
  4. falling asleep in a hammock
  5. Camp Sankanac
  6. when my son sees me and smiles
  7. exploring a city with no pressing responsibilities
  8. a long, fast winding mountain bike trail
  9. a beautifully composed scene in a movie
  10. closing my eyes during a classical music concert and enjoying the sounds
  11. extra-chocolatey ice cream
  12. Rum Chata
  13. autumn
  14. playing sports in crisp weather
  15. reading Psalms by a river in the morning
  16. The Killers
  17. buckwheat pancakes
  18. Vermont
  19. the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  20. the Firth of Forth Bridge
  21. the feeling you get only on a roller coaster
  22. bonsai trees
  23. a non busy – but not empty – museum
  24. an opulent steak + glass of red wine
  25. shifting through a manual transmission
  26. the love between a small group of good friends
  27. Mini Coopers
  28. my wife singing old songs I don’t know and I’m the only one around
  29. a cold basement
  30. swishy pants and a worn hoodie
  31. my wife playing Clair de Lune on the piano
  32. spotting a rare animal in the wild
  33. remembering moments with my dad when I was a child
  34. restored/repurposed buildings
  35. petting a cat
  36. maps
  37. sifting through a bucket of coins looking for ones I need for my collection
  38. a glass of cold water after working outside
  39. playing Mario Kart on vacation
  40. Japanese gardens
  41. old post cards
  42. doodling
  43. scheming about business/building/city planning/theme park plans & ideas
  44. a well executed advertisement
  45. light and shadow through leafy trees
  46. large stone/slate tiles
  47. silver dollars
  48. smoked salmon
  49. non-epoxied smooth teak & olive wood
  50. waterfalls