50 things that bring me joy

  1. the peacefulness of flying
  2. capturing a scene with a photograph
  3. observing birds in nature
  4. falling asleep in a hammock
  5. Camp Sankanac
  6. when my son sees me and smiles
  7. exploring a city with no pressing responsibilities
  8. a long, fast winding mountain bike trail
  9. a beautifully composed scene in a movie
  10. closing my eyes during a classical music concert and enjoying the sounds
  11. extra-chocolatey ice cream
  12. Rum Chata
  13. autumn
  14. playing sports in crisp weather
  15. reading Psalms by a river in the morning
  16. The Killers
  17. buckwheat pancakes
  18. Vermont
  19. the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  20. the Firth of Forth Bridge
  21. the feeling you get only on a roller coaster
  22. bonsai trees
  23. a non busy – but not empty – museum
  24. an opulent steak + glass of red wine
  25. shifting through a manual transmission
  26. the love between a small group of good friends
  27. Mini Coopers
  28. my wife singing old songs I don’t know and I’m the only one around
  29. a cold basement
  30. swishy pants and a worn hoodie
  31. my wife playing Clair de Lune on the piano
  32. spotting a rare animal in the wild
  33. remembering moments with my dad when I was a child
  34. restored/repurposed buildings
  35. petting a cat
  36. maps
  37. sifting through a bucket of coins looking for ones I need for my collection
  38. a glass of cold water after working outside
  39. playing Mario Kart on vacation
  40. Japanese gardens
  41. old post cards
  42. doodling
  43. scheming about business/building/city planning/theme park plans & ideas
  44. a well executed advertisement
  45. light and shadow through leafy trees
  46. large stone/slate tiles
  47. silver dollars
  48. smoked salmon
  49. non-epoxied smooth teak & olive wood
  50. waterfalls

Weird Track Tracker

In which I document a bunch of oddly-shaped running tracks around the world:


This one is on an Air Force Base








I’ve been to this one: The Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece





Curtis HS, NY


2 odd-shaped track neighbors in DC



This one in Denmark has options.



Echo Summit 1964 Look at the trees on the inside and how close they are to the track!



Fort Eustis.



Fitchburg, MA AKA the Pocono Raceway track.



Practice track in Italy



Kelly Park












This extremely tiny track in Anchorage, AK




Moody AFB



Nike track in Manila




Nike HQ track.




Palo Alto: you’d think a tech hub could find space for a normal track.






HS track in Reading, PA sandwiched between the school and mountain slope




Former Reebok HQ in Boston, MA








SPU, Seattle






St Louis.

St Marys




Looks like Daytona!




Xinshi Elementary, New Taipei




Some additional buildings to consider for 100 best buildings in Boston

This is my quick response to  article The 100 best buildings in Boston

I did this fast and just took google map screenshots, so forgive me for lack of photos, addresses and correct names of places, as well as not doing much background research/making cohesive arguments for each building.

the 2 buildings next to the Waterworks. One is a new condo, the other is condos in a restored building associated with the waterworks.

designed by some famous dude whose name I forget (you can find his face on the face somewhere, whatever), the inside of this place is gorgeous.

This high rise in Cambridge near Harvard has nice proportions and is pleasant to look at and pass by. Not quite right for the area, but not wrong either.


These 2 buildings, especially the one in front of the Converse HQ, is just perfectly portioned for the place. not to big, not too small. good looking, too, and it has that brick and green color that screams ‘Yah’re in Bahston!’

Courthouse in Seaport. Not entirely in love with the backside.

Runkle Elementary in Brookline.  Great school environment inside and out. obviously biased because I’ve been inside and know what it’s like.


The Round Whole Foods/Parking garage in South End(ish)


the new Pierce building in Fenway. It’s a good use of the space. great views from the greenway across the street.


Lincoln Elementary School in Brookline. Again, biased since I’ve been inside, but I’ve been inside several dozen elementary schools now, and this one holds up.

This is a medical building/library of sorts in Longwood.


I won’t disclose where this private residence is. But believe me when I say it’s amazingly portioned,  nice without being fancy, and pleasant to reside in.


Harvard Medical building. The Greeks are jealous


The Genzyme building. no idea of it’s use.


Exchange place. Not in love with it, but a solid skyscraper. #Glass



the EF education HQ. OK, mostly just an office building with a sweet glass feature.


NO idea the name of this place, and I never seem to remember it when I’m out and about, but love the style and presence.



I am not sure what it is about this low slung parking garage with minimal retail space near the Chinatown gate, but I like it. call me crazy.


Cambridge Public Library. Amazing conjunction of old and new.


Many buildings on Boston College campus all have the same fee, but I like this one the best.


This apartment building on Beacon near Amory playground has incredible lateral proportions. it calms me.